Pink Israeli Journey | 2016 | Kosher

Dry Rosé Wine

Grape Varieties:
A merger of Grenache Noir & Carignan.

East Carmel Ridge.

The wine was prepared using two accepted techniques for producing Rosé.
Bleeding: In this process, some of the grape juice is drained from the tank in which the red grapes were inserted several hours to a day previously. Because of the short term skin contacts, the grape juice gets a shade of blush and a little of the red fruit aromatic and taste character.
Press Direct: In this procedure, the grapes are inserted into the extractor after light squeezing. The juice extracted is used for making rosé.

Tasting Notes:
The merging of the two techniques, and using different grape varieties, plus the precise production process of prolonged fermentation at a low temperature resulted in a fruity, dry and vitally blush colored rosé wine, with aromatic character and acute freshness, red fruit tastes and the spicy source of red grapes.
Serving: Israel Journey Rosé can serve as a perfect aperitif to any meal and suitably accompanies a wide variety of dishes: sea food, fish, poultry parts, Mediterranean spiced pasta dishes and Far Eastern style portions. 
Recommended serving temperature - 6° - 8° C.

The wine is ready for immediate drinking up to one year from harvest.


Alcohol: 12.0%  |  Calories: 64.2 per 100g.  |  Price: 75.00 NIS