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"An Israeli Journey through vineyards, enveloped in tastes and aromas, winding through ancient sceneries and cultures". 
A challenging and exciting mapless journey. 
The Vitkin Winery was established on the Rutenberg-Belogolovsky farmhold in Vitkin Village, during the 2001 harvest, by Doron and Sharona Belogolovsky and Sharona’s brother – Assaf Paz. 
‘Vitkin’ is a family run boutique winery, considered to be one of the most fascinating in the Israeli wine industry, by virtue of its expertise in producing original wines from varieties which have not yet reached their potential: Carignan, Viognier, Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Franc, Johannesburg Riesling, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, and other surprises, which come in four series:“Temporary Name” series: Super Premium, from remote wine varieties, for ageing and rare events.“Vitkin” series: Premium Series. Wines based on the unique varieties of the Vitkin Winery.“Israel Journey” series. Blended series.“Dessert Wines” series.In the 2008 harvest, the intention is to produce around 40,000 bottles. Vitkin Wines can be found in the leading restaurants and distinctive wine shops. Part of the winery’s produce was exported in 2007 to Ontario, Canada. “Due to the professionalism, our approach and the results, we enjoy a unique status among the wine lovers of Israel. This gives us the satisfaction and the challenge to continue to create exemplary wines with a wisp of Israeli hubris.” 

נטיעת כרם ויתקין 2002

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