The Beginning

The love journey began in the ‘80s. While working in Italy, Doron encountered the rich wine culture – and became a captive. Assaf joined in the ‘90s and upon completing his studies in agriculture, went off to Bordeaux to do a master’s degree in viniculture. He returned a changed man. Sharona, an architect by vocation, was affected by the new family bug and studied the subject seriously.
2001 Harvest. An experimental amount of Cabarnet Sauvignon grapes were used for a “try out.”  The wine was produced manually, from harvest to bottle. 

The successful experiment led to the purchase of the latest equipment and work began. Visiting wineries in France and Italy helped Sharona in preparing a plan to convert the old cowshed, built by Doron’s Vitkin Village founding grandparents, into the winery’s site. We were on our way.

נטיעת כרם ויתקין 2002

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