Dry Red Wine  | 2012

Vitkin Petite Sirah

Grape Varieties: 
100% Petite Sirah grapes harvested from Judean Hills’ slopes. 

The Vineyard: 
The wine is composed from two mature vineyards in the Judean Hills area. The vines were planted on chalky and scanty terra-rossa lands, well drained and not irrigated. Thus the roots were compelled to reach deeper and more mineral soil levels, which contributed to a sharp character and a concentration of tastes in the grape. The yield ranged naturally between 250 to 600 kg per Dunam. The grapes were harvested into small crates in the early hours of the morning and reached the winery for processing. The grape bunches of this variety are very compact and in the 2005 harvest were smaller than usual, while the grape seeds were as small as peas – which raised the skin/juice ratio and further increased the wine concentration. 

Upon receipt of the harvest, the grapes were separated and were transferred without being pressed to wide fermentation tanks, chilled and fermented in a open container using the “cap breakage” technique, characteristic of the French Rhone Valley (Pigeage). The grapes skin contact lasted almost three and a half weeks. After press and a short sinking, the wine went through malolactic fermentation and aging in large French oak barrels with a 300 liter capacity for a period of 16 months. 

Tasting Notes: 
The wine already displays a deep purple-black color, generous, pleasant and outstanding “sweet” blue fruit (blueberry) aromas, sweet spices, and a flowery complexity. In taste it is a very closed structure because of its young age but thereafter, with suitable airing reveals a full combination of very concentrated tastes of blue-black fruit, a “meaty” character, full thick body with an excellent balance between the ripeness of fruit, structure and freshness. The extension is very long with sharp and complex tastes. 

Vitkin Petite Sirah is especially suited to accompany meat dishes with a strong taste such as venison, lamb or cooked meat in wine and also hard and aromatic cheeses such as pecorino or Comte. 

It is recommended that the bottle be opened several hours before drinking and to decanter before serving. Recommended temperature - 18° C 

In order to preserve the richness of its tastes, the wine was not filtered or fined except for cores filtration prior to bottling. For this reason there may occur, in time, natural sediments which will not affect its quality. 

Under good storage conditions it will continue to develop complexity and depth for 8 – 10 years after harvest year. 

Alcohol: 13.5%  |  Calories: 76.5 per 100g.  |  Price: 125.00 NIS