Dry Red Wine  | 2016 | Kosher

Vitkin Pinot Noir

Grape Varieties:
100% Pinot Noir grapes harvested from Judean Hills’ slopes. 

The Vineyard: 
At a stream bed on chalky, rocky and drained ground, enjoying especially cool evenings enabling total ripening of the color and the aromas of the grape. The yield quantity was limited and reached the level of less than 600 kg per Dunam. 

The hand-picked grapes were delicately pressed and fermented in wide stainless steel tanks. Remontage took place three to four times a day during the alcoholic fermentation. After 16 days skin contact, the wine went through malolactic fermentation and aging in 350 liter French oak barrels with a burgundy type toasting, 40% of them new, for a period of about 10 months. 

Tasting Notes: 
Largely due to conserving a low yield (less than half a ton per Dunam) and sensible care in vinification, a rich and elegant wine was achieved, containing a fruity freshness, the typical sharp tastes of this variety, of fresh red fruit and flowers. 

Vitkin Pinot Noir is especially suited to accompany roast lamb and also hard and aromatic cheeses. 

The wine should be decantered somewhat before serving. 
Suggested serving temperature - 16° C; 

In order to preserve the richness of its tastes, the wine was not filtered or fined except for cores filtration prior to bottling. For this reason, there may occur, in time, natural sediments which will not affect its quality. 

Storage: Under proper storage conditions, it could develop for several years from the year of harvesting.

Alcohol: 14.5%  |  Calories: 79.5 per 100g.  |  Price: 95.00 NIS