The Vitkin Winery’s premium series is composed of varietal wines. 
The wines of the series give expression to the special standards of the winery: daring, innovation and professionalism. 

In this series we carefully try to tackle the veteran Israeli varieties, which were always used as secondary wines locally, and turn them into wines which have their own personality: quality, uniqueness and surprising with an “Israeli Huzpa”. 

Some of these varieties are so-called “return to origins”, varieties of the first grapes which were brought to the country by Baron Rothschild, upon the renewal of the wine industry in the Land of Israel in the 19th century. These varieties were planted in the country many years even before the industry discovered the “Cabernet Sauvignon” and the “Merlot.” 

These varieties are suited for growing anywhere in the country. Along the coast there is a Mediterranean climate with a high humidity and there is a dry cold climate typical to the Jerusalem Hills region and Upper Galilee. In each and every wine which take care to stress the unique character of every variety. 

זנים אלו מתאימים לגידול בכל חלקי הארץ. אקלים ים תיכוני בעל לחות גבוהה כמישור החוף ואקלים קר ויבש האופייני לאזור הרי ירושלים והגליל העליון. בכל יין ויין אנו מקפידים לבטא את מאפייניו הייחודיים של כל זן. 

The “Vitkin” series contains 5 dry wines: White Riesling, Pinot Noir, Carignan, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Franc. 

This series’ wines have won the admiration of Israeli and overseas wine lovers and despite the increase in production, the demand exceeds the supply every year in turn.