White Dessert Wine | 2011

Vitkin Late Harvest

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Grape Varieties: 
Sauvignon Blanc

The Vineyards: 
Old vineyards (35 years old) planted on pour soil in Benyamina, behind the east Carmel Ridge.

grapes were harvested manually in mid November at the unusual ripening level of 36 Brix, and transported to the winery during the cool hours of the day. About 20% of the grapes was affected by the refined fungus Botrytis cinerea, typical of areas such as Soutren, Alsace and Germany. This fungus adds to the complexity of the wine. 

The thick grape juice was delicately squeezed in an extractor with a new membrane. After settling at a low temperature, the very clearest juice was fermented in low temperature for 6 weeks until fermentation ceased naturally, leaving a relatively high level of sugar. 

Thereafter, the wine was kept aging on its fine lees, a process which resulted in enriching the complexity and strengthening its tastes. The wine did not go through malolactic fermentation in order to preserve its fresh character. 

Tasting Notes: 
This white dessert wine has an aroma, a rich fragrance and tastes such as dried apricots, flowers and sweet spices. Vitkin Late Harvest 2005 is a wine with complexity, rich and concentrated, well balanced by a crispy acidity. 

Suitable to accompany fois gras confit such as goose liver and fruit based desserts. 

Recommended Temperature: 6° C – 8° C. 

This is a wine which has an unusual aging capacity. Under good storage conditions it will continue to develop and gain complexity for many years after harvest year. 

Alcohol: 10.8%  |  Calories: 117per 100g.  |  Price: 125NIS