Fortified Red Wine  |   NV

Vitkin Fortified NV

Grape Varieties: 
Carignan, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. 

The wine was prepared in the manner of fortified wines of the Maury district in southern France or Porto in Portugal. The grapes were harvested late, when the sugar levels were at their highest. During alcoholic fermentation good quality alcohol was added – “white brandy” (refined wine) on skin contact with the aim of halting the yeast fermentation, to preserve high level of sugar and to increase the alcohol percentage in the wine. After pressing, the wine was transferred to oak barrels for aging for one to four years at the end of which, the various harvest years were mixed to create a complexity between the fresh fruitiness of the youngest wine and the developed tastes of the oldest wines. 

Tasting Notes: 
The resulting wine has a deep purple ruby color, with a full body and outstanding aromas and complexity of ripe prunes and cherries, dried fruits, tobacco, cocoa and some pepper and flowers. Altogether a nice balance was created between the alcohol, the sweetness and the fruit. 

Perfect with a choice cigar after a good meal, good quality bitter chocolate or as a drink on its own merit. 

Recommended serving temperature: 16° - 18° C 
In order to preserve the richness of its tastes, the wine was not filtered or fined apart from one rough filter before bottling. For this reason, there may occur, in time, natural sediments which will not affect it quality. 

Under proper storage conditions the wine will continue to develop many years after the year of marketing (2006)

Alcohol: 18%  |  Calories: 131 per 100g.  |  Price: 150 NIS