Each one of the wines in the series comes from a similar world yet is different. 

For both wines, the grapes in the vineyard have to ripen much later, and this demands a more meticulous care before the harvest, as well as during the harvest itself which is obviously very selective. 

Dealing with the grapes in the winery requires a strict sorting, a special attention to the fermentation temperature and frequent tests of the changing standards during fermentation. 

With sweet wine, the challenge is a balance between acidity and sweetness and the creation of an additional value. The special attentiveness over each stage of the process from the vineyard up to the bottle, gives us a specially unique and quality product.

The balance between acidity and sweetness is created in the vineyard, thanks to the strict attention to the ripening process and the precise examination of standards before harvesting. We supply the added value in the winery, via a strict and intelligent process of fermentation and aging. 

The series contains two wines: Late Harvest White and Red Fortified Wine